What is SBS?

It is a board made with virgin pulp which has been chemically bleached with sulfate. It is entirely recyclable. The board (or paper) bleached in this way has more resistance but is less opaque. The “return on investment” on chemical pulp (50%) is lower than for mechanical pulp (90%). Hence chemical pulps are more expensive. (See question 3 for the definition of mechanical pulp.) SBS is used to make boxes for various products including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, food, as well as in-store displays and commercial uses such as book covers.

What is TMP?

It is a virgin pulp that is produced through mechanical means to detach the wood fibres and turn them into pulp. This pulp is then refined by “cooking” it with water vapour under very high temperature and pressure.

What is CCNB?

CCNB stands for Clay Coated News Back. This term is slowly being replaced by CRB, which stands for Coated Recycled Board. It is made entirely with recycled pulp. It contains both post-industrial waste and post-consumer waste. The percentages vary from one brand to the other. This product is commonly used to make a variety of products such as cereals boxes, paper tissue boxes, etc. It is frequently used in the food industry and for tools and hardware boxes. It has less stiffness than SBS since recycled fibres are shorter.

How much does board cost?

It depends on the calliper, size, quantity required and on the recycled or virgin content. Contact our customer service representatives who will be happy to give you the best possible price according to the rolls in stock. We keep a large inventory of rolls to give you the best possible cut, with the least possible waste.

Atlas Paper Inc....Who is it and what is it?

Atlas Paper Inc. is a converter/distributor of paperboard and has been around for over 45 years.

Where do our products come from?

The majority comes from Canada and the United States, but also from China and Europe.